victory medical

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Victory Medical is a local practice that provides full spectrum medical care. Victory found success in central Austin, rapidly expanding and outgrowing their space. As they grew they began to expand into the adjacent properties to fulfill their administrate needs. As the practice continued to develop, ownership recognized the need for additional space and an updated aesthetic to match the practices forward thinking nature.  As an urban infill development located in a central Austin neighborhood and bordering one of Austin’s primary arterials, there were a number of challenges imposed on this site.  Fortunately, with our broad range of expertise, LSI was able to manage plat amendments, entitlements, site planning, and architecture all in house. 

            The unique placement of this project at in the fold of neighborhood and corridor, created a unique set of environmental conditions that informed the aesthetic of this project.  Capitalizing on the street frontage the building extends along the southern boundary of the site. Responding to the adjacent neighborhood, the building narrows to step away from single-family residences, introducing and angle to the plan that resurfaces in the design of the building façade.

            Energy efficiency and sustainability is an important element of this project that is manifested in the design and orientation of project elements. Minimizing glazing on the southern façade reduces solar heat gains, while screening interior spaces from harsh light and views of rush hour traffic.  The majority of natural light is introduced by glazing on the northern façade and clerestory windows that produce an even wash of cool light throughout the interior spaces.  The introduction of solar panels on the roof, and rainwater harvesting for site irrigation, keep this building functioning utilizing passive energy resources.

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