Shady glade Front Rendering.jpg
Shady glade back render.jpg

The Shady Glade Residence is a Single Family home in Austin’s Rosedale neighborhood. The site for this home is heavily wooded with substantial oak trees that tower over the home from the center of the property, creating a naturally covered courtyard space. As an infill project next to a multifamily development, the owners had concerns about privacy, prompting us to be creative about how we focus the interior spaces toward the outdoors and and the glade of oaks that makes this property so special. We began conceptualizing this project from a deductive massing approach, letting the site conditions trees indicate where the architecture should be. As we placed the building masses to capitalize on site amenities, we began to erode from those masses to create defined exterior space, while maintaining the the visual privacy from the adjacent developments. through the organization of building masses and screens we have developed an experience of an secluded refuge with strong connections to the outdoors in an interior Austin neighborhood.

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