get off my bandwagon
running around like a rabbit with my head cut off
that tire is flatter than a door knob
jump out in front and bite you in the ass      
hope they are not ticklers about it      
They don’t know squat about diddly.
And now, finally, but not last...      
When a forest falls in the trees and nobody's there then the tree really falls    
Nobody knows who's supposed to be the chicken and who's supposed to be the egg.
I’ve got so much information that it’s coming out of my gourds    
It’s just your lack of inexperience. 
We’re not killing the chicken. We’re just giving it a haircut.     
They’re thinking out of both sides of their ass.
Why put all your apples out where everyone can see them?
I pissed myself off.
Stood there like a deer with his headlights on.
It’s getting so hard to get anything done here that it’s a real amenity.     
He doesn’t know the linear footage of feet. 
It’s at the top of the pyramid and everybody wants the elephant in the room.     
There’s a lawsuit that says the bird’s not a bird any more.     
Put it in your bonnet and spin it around    
You can do Gurgle searches.     (GOOGLE) 
That’s a tough nut to hoe    
I think it fell through our crack
I earned my oats on that.
They treated us like weathered stepchildren    
It’s like playing “Where’s Herman?” (WALDO) 
Throw out the bath with the baby water.
That’s where you need to start doing your deuces    
I was like a deer with spotlights on.
I want you expanding what you can and can’t do.
I go to meetings to stay on top of what’s on top of things.
We’re gonna crawl under every hole    
What is May 31st? What month?
I was just running to catch my ass    
I know I'm sounding like a dead record.
While the iron is hot, let's jump on it!      
They made the best out of lemonade    
don’t get your ass in a crack    
This is high key.
We will have to shoot you if you tell us.
I say certain things and they don't register.      
I'll be the last guy holding the totem pole    
your shit ain’t flowing anywhere      
I’m gonna gut punch his ass    
I have so much shit going through my head that it could kill a cow.      
You can grab the bull by the horns to a certain point    
Great minds work great ways
strike like a butterfly    
It’s a global world.      
Apparently he's got us on our team    
Just get in the embryo position     
The sticky wheel gets the grease    
Cussing like a fish      
I’m not telling you to stick your head in the sand and wait for a rainy day    
I just run down the trail until someone shoots a rabbit.
The ball is in their camp now!
He wants to pick my ear    
open up that bag of worms    
Do sleeping dogs lie?
I just want to put the bug in his head    
It’s been a hole in my side    
Like a sleeping dog calling the kettle black    
There are some hoops I have to work up    
asshole in the wood pile      
high on my parade
correctly misspelled     
green behind the ears      
tip of my mind     
so you are the caveat through which all this information is passing    
throw a wrench in the cog of the wheel
calm her jets
rained havoc